You’ve been working with your brand for so long, new trends have developed and even you as a company have changed over the years! Don’t worry, it happens to everyone!

So, you need a little refresh! Or what we like to call rebranding.

Rebranding is the opportunity for brands and businesses to revisit the look and feel of their brand. However, many businesses have concerns about rebranding. They are afraid to lose the core essence of their brand, customer loyalty or lose the brand recognition they already have.

While these are valid concerns, if your rebrand is done well you should have nothing to worry about. The rebranding process should build upon the foundation of your brand and help it evolve as your business continues to evolve. You shouldn’t be changing things too much, the last thing you want is to completely confuse your audience.

Why is Rebranding Important?

One of the main reasons businesses rebrand is to maintain relevance, both among their customers and within their industry. Every industry is competitive, and constantly developing new “trends”, and the last thing you want to be is stuck in the past. Rebranding can also elevate your brand tremendously. The world is constantly changing, technology is growing and businesses need to make sure they are staying on top of their game. Consumers will always expect an evolving yet, consistent branding that provides a top user experience.

When is Rebranding Necessary?

If you’re considering rebranding it might be because you’ve run into one of these incidents:

• You do not feel comfortable and confident in sharing your brand.
• People do not remember your name, website or social handles.
• You aren’t attracting the right customers or the customers that you want.
• Your business has changed and grown since you first started.
• Do you have too many competitors?

Rebranding Checklist

If you’re experiencing any of the above you’re most likely considering to start your rebrand process. Rebranding can include anything from an entire company-wide change to a simple refresh of a logo and tagline, revisiting your brand voice, tone and messaging. At 325, we’re here to help! It is definitely recommended to hire a professional branding agency to help you take your brand to the next level.

Here’s a checklist so you know what to expect when going into this process.

• Update your logo and brand assets
• Refresh your tagline
• Change or add services
• Review your SEO or add new keywords
• Consider new marketing
• Consider new messaging to attract different audiences

Rebranding is the continuation of your brand story. 325 has the experts and can help breathe new life into your brand and making a greater impact!

See link below and read why our client, Aerami Therapeutics (previously Dance Biopharm) chose to rebrand their company in the press release here: