Graphic design is a key component of any brand. Without a visual identity and visual content, you are missing a big chunk of communication opportunities with your customers. However, graphic design is more than just pictures and drawings. It is an art of communication and an effective way to engage. It is also a key component in the marketing world overall to build brand awareness and influence the customer’s decision-making process. So the next time you’re thinking about why you should hire that graphic designer, consider these three ways graphic design can define your brand.

1. Graphic Design Can Influence Those Around You

The influence of graphic design is everywhere. Sometimes, without even knowing it. It is on websites, magazines, billboards, postcards, business cards, brochures, things we see every single day. Any kind of business, big or small, in any industry should be advertising everywhere you can, and graphic design is a tool that is essential to making that happen. If done correctly, your design should really stand out, and invite whoever is looking at it to take notice. This invites them to learn more about your business and take an interest in you right away.

2. Graphic Design Serves as a Form of Communication With Your Customers

If there’s anything you should be trying to accomplish when building a brand, it is to communicate with your audience and other businesses. Graphic design serves as a form of communication. It lets your audience know what the business stands for and why they should care about you, and pay attention to you rather than someone else. It may just seem like images, but this is often the first thing people will associate your brand right off the bat. The design should not only be clear but really fit the type of brand and business you are trying to build. You want to ensure that there is no confusion about what you are trying to say and accomplish as a business.

3. Your Logo Can Really Make You Stand Out

The logo, a love/hate relationship for all. One of the first to-do’s for your business is your logo, and it is the most important graphic aspect when considering your brand. Your logo should be significant from any other design. You want your customers to take one look at it, and be able to recognize your business forever. It is what makes your business unique, and because of this, the logo should be flexible enough to use across multiple platforms.

So, are you ready to hire that graphic designer to help you hit the ground running on your brand? Let’s get to work in defining the brand you are trying to build!