You may have heard people talk about typography when it comes to branding, but what really is it and why does it sound so important?

What is Typography?

Typography is the art or procedure of organizing type or processing data and printing from it. In branding, typography is the way you arrange text in an engaging and interesting way that gets the brand’s message across on any platform. Typography elements can mean anything from the layout of the text, spacing, sizes and color contrast.

What is the Importance of Typography?

Typography is Everywhere in Your Brand:
Anything that involves text in your brand includes some sort of typography. Think about it, your logo, your website, social media platforms, marketing brochures, emails, documents or anything else involving words is typography. The amount of times typography appears throughout your brand makes it quite a larger part of your visual brand then you might think. Since it is such a large part of your brand identity, it’s very important you are considering this when working on your brand

Typography has Meaning for Your Brand:
Typography is extremely important when representing the values and tone of your brand. Typefaces can set different tones and moods and can determine the representation of your brand. The reason there are so many classifications and kinds of typefaces is that they all give a vastly different mood or effect. For example, a font like Sans Serif or Raleway, are associated with modern-looking brands. They often like their typography clean, simple and easy to read. There are many connotations that can be associated with the typeface you use, so choose wisely.

Typography Can Help Build Brand Recognition:
As we’ve mentioned, typography holds a majority of your brand’s visual identity. This means it becomes an essential part of how your audience perceives and remembers you. If you think about larger brands such as Target and Disney, you could instantly recognize their typography and fonts without even seeing their name. It’s almost as if those fonts just belong to those brands, and nothing else. These larger brands have truly focused on their typography over the years and have remained consistent with their typography through all of their branding.

In conclusion, typography is the style and way of presentation of the text. When a company is developing its brand identity they should always keep typography in mind. Typography enables you to create a particular context and have a certain personality, and it continues to grow with your brand. Work on your typography so that it helps you to express the personality of your brand. A professional in branding can help you to create appropriate typography that can help your brand in the promotion.