2021 has officially begun, and with that comes the annual surge of New Year’s resolutions. From getting more exercise to starting a blog, people set all sorts of goals for themselves. And, as a business owner, your resolution might focus specifically on your business. With so many different goals to choose from, there’s one that perhaps can be more overwhelming than any other: rebranding.

Rebranding carries challenges that set it apart from other goals. After all, you’re not only saying goodbye to what you’ve grown accustomed to, but you’re also welcoming the new and untested. And when it comes to branding, that can carry with it some severe repercussions if done incorrectly.

Here are a few things you should think through when debating if your company or business needs to rebrand:

– Is your brand still relevant today?
– Has your logo become outdated?
– Are there changes in your industry that inspire or necessitate a change?
– Do you still stand out from your competition?
– Have you introduced or narrowed your focus on new products or services?
– Have the needs or wants of your customer base changed?
– Are you trying to shift to a different customer base entirely?

If you’ve determined that a rebranding is right for your company or business, you need to decide what will change and what will stay the same. Between your company’s fonts, color palette, logo, tone and imaging, multiple components might need to be refreshed and revamped depending on how you plan on positioning your company. A rebranding might even consist of utilizing new social media platforms or starting a blog.

Once you’ve finished planning your rebranding, you’ll need to start integrating it across your entire online presence. Between your website, blog and social media accounts, this is a time-consuming process that must be integrated strategically to look cohesive and effective. In general, we recommend you start a rebranding by adopting changes to your website, as that is typically the initial location a potential customer or client will reach you. After that, updating your social media to follow the new guidelines you’ve set will also help push any old content further down your feed. Take this opportunity to look through the blogs and posts you’ve published. If they don’t follow your new brand or you don’t like them, delete them! While it still might be January, this is an excellent opportunity for some early spring cleaning.

Overall, while a rebranding can often appear overwhelming and complicated, a successful strategy provides many benefits that make the time worth it. From increased sales to a more targeted audience, companies who rebrand successfully find it an incredibly worthwhile investment.

Because this process can be challenging, we at 325 are here to make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible. We offer various services like graphic design and photography to kick your year off to a productive and refreshing start that fits both the brand and vision you see for your company. Contact us for an initial consultation and help make your New Year’s resolution a success!