Be honest with yourself for a minute, do you find yourself posting on social media while waiting in line at the store? Or you know you have to post on your blog this week, so you whip something up really quick. Anyone else guilty?

After a while, this strategy will put you back at square one. You’ll eventually run out of things to post and begin repeating yourself. There will simply be no purpose to the content your sharing. No engagement on social platforms, no SEO in your blog posts, your content will be useless and a waste of time!

What you need is a content plan, one that actually helps you grow your blog and business.

However, this where most people get it all wrong. Many get excited to start creating content but completely skim over finding the purpose of what they are going to share.

If you’re guilty of any of these things than you are in need of a content plan. In this post, we will walk you through how to formulate a simple content plan that will give your content purpose!

Define Your Business or Brand

As yourself these three questions:
1. What is the core message of your business or brand?
This is the main benefit of what your business will offer. Every single piece of content you post, should all tie into fulfilling your business’ message.
2. Who are you helping?
3. What do you want for your audience? Are you bringing them any impact or change in their life?

Define Your Ideal Audience

Now that you have defined your business or brand, it’s time to define what your ideal audience looks like when sharing your brand.

Defining your audience is important because:
•  You’ll be able to talk to your audience at the right level
•  You won’t be wasting any time posting for people that will never enjoy your content

We recommend writing out what your ideal audience looks like to you. Describing them in complete detail will really help you put a picture in your mind when developing your content.

Choose a Content Format and Stick to it

While it’s always great to get out of your comfort zone, you need to also be aware of where your expertise lies. If you know you’re not an expert in producing content in a specific format, it’s definitely going to show if you insist on posting it. You know yourself better than anyone else and you know what you are capable of. Forget what the “cool” thing to do or post is these days, stick to what you’re good at and something that you enjoy. This will move you closer to your goals and give you results. The more you create content in a format that’s your strength, the more you’ll attract your audience.

It’s time to move away from posting in a grocery store line and to start creating purposeful content for your audience. Because imagine writing a post and knowing exactly how that’s going to contribute to your blog. Imagine knowing the outcome of the content prior to even publishing it. That’s the power of a content plan!