A Strategy for Modern Media

Hynt Beauty is a line of luxurious color and skincare cosmetics that is free of all ingredients known to be, or are questioned to be, harmful and irritable for the skin and body. Formulated for the conscious woman who is seeking a beauty brand that she can fully trust and rely on for honest information and guidance on her beauty and lifestyle choices.

Goals + Objectives

Hynt Beauty was founded by Meryl and Craig Marshall, after Meryl began her recovery from cancer. Their mission was to create an organic-based, cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics line that was non-toxic, had a minimal carbon footprint and one that was free of the harmful chemicals that blight the mainstream cosmetics industry. Emi Kamiya, was part of the branding from day one and set forth with a game plan that stayed true to the Founder’s vision to build a luxury sustainable brand from sourcing to packaging and fulfillment. Once the branding was complete, Instagram was chosen as the medium to best build a community of like-minded consumers around the line.

Engagement Rate: 3.255%Organic Followers: 79.2%

Engagement Rate: 0.574%Organic Followers: 61.6%

Engagement Rate: 0.574%Organic Followers: 68.6%

An OrganicInstagram Campaign

Starting with a few thousand Instagram Followers, teammates Emi Kamiya and Ernesto Cullari began an organic Instagram campaign that earned over 1,000 new in-niche targeted organic Instagram followers per month in the Green Beauty space, without spending ad dollars. Two years later, with nearly 30,000 organic Instagram Followers, Hynt Beauty’s Instagram page has earned the brand international recognition and awards. Hynt Beauty is now recognized as a thought leader and key opinion leader in the Indie Beauty and Green Beauty industry.

Hynt Beauty Instagram Growth Chart


2018 Innocos InternationalInstagram Award Winner

Emi Kamiya and Ernesto Cullari collaborated with Hynt to design the strategy and drive the campaign on Instagram. The outcome was Hynt won the 2018 INNOCOS International Instagram Award category, a spectacular result! We used 360-marketing, storytelling, retail partner collaborations, hyper-targeted engagement, and #hashtag usage, and did it without devoting any advertising dollars to the campaign.

A Strategy for E-Commerce

Social media is no longer just a popularity game. It’s business, it’s sales. For Hynt Beauty, we used Instagram as one of our effective marketing sales tools to consistently deliver the right brand message with the right visual content to the right people. To do so, we hyper-focused on specific target groups within the niche green beauty industry to get the brand in front audiences who we identified as already being motivated to purchasing cleaner and safer makeup and other cosmetics. Furthermore, our methodology allowed the brand to have high-quality UGCs that are generated on an ongoing basis, further boosting buzz and thereby, leading to sales on the site through Shop Instagram and Like2Have.it.