The issue of website accessibility, the practice of making necessary adjustments to a website so that people with disabilities can access its content, has become a fundamental consideration for website owners. As a result, all sites that we build, manage, and maintain will be built with accessibility in mind. 325, LLC uses ADA tools during design and front-end development and will follow common best practices. Meeting specific accessibility standards will pose trade-offs with design. CLIENT must provide 325, LLC clear guidance and prioritization of accessibility measures, and CLIENT will ultimately decide and direct the accessibility rules to be implemented. CLIENT is ultimately responsible for maintaining ADA compliance after launch and is responsible for maintaining ADA compliance for the life of their website.

325, LLC requires all clients to implement, at a minimum, an AI-powered solution that automates the process of making your website vastly more accessible. 325, LLC recommends the use of either accessiBe’s accessWidget, or manual services. Shall CLIENT prefer to use another AI-powered accessibility solution than recommended by 325, LLC, CLIENT must provide information to 325, LLC of their preferred accessibility vendor, and 325, LLC must return written acceptance of CLIENT’S preferred accessibility vendor, prior to commencing work on any contracted project. The implementation of an AI-powered accessibility solution does not guarantee ADA compliance, however, it is a simple step to help mitigate the legal risk of potentially expensive lawsuits.

Given the nature and speed in which website content changes and necessary accessibility measures increase, 325, LLC recommends that all clients adopt the following ADA compliance practice, in addition to the required installation of an AI-powered accessibility widget:

  • Monthly WCAG and ADA Compliance Scan
  • Annual Expert Audit (or prior to new site launches and redesigns)
  • Annual User Testing (or prior to new site launches and redesigns)
  • Routine Media and File Accessibility (recommended for content-rich sites)

325, LLC has exceptional partnerships with the leading WCAG and ADA compliance technology and service providers and leverages these partnerships to provide our clients with access to compliance subject matter and technology experts, and their respective services in a cost-effective manner. The website accessibility compliance measures detailed above, do not guarantee that no legal action will be taken against you for failure to comply with WCAG and ADA rules, though thoughtful implementation of website accessibility measures will greatly mitigate your legal risks.

An annual audit will be conducted and report provided. 

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